Equestrian Center, North Salem, New York

Set in the rolling hills of upstate New York, the Gotham North Farm project involved expanding an existing equestrian facility and developing a long-term masterplan for future building projects. The main focus of this project was the addition of an indoor riding arena with an attached two-story apartment, which provided visitors with a viewing platform for equestrian events. In addition, a landscape transformation involved transporting and planting full-size beech trees to form allées. Extensive hardscaping efforts included introducing a sunset pavilion above an underground grotto, a set of carefully crafted stone theatre steps leading to a grassy courtyard, tennis courts, and a new lake. The driveways were reshaped to create an entirely new second entrance to the property. 

The process involved a careful development of several large-scale watercolors of the entire site to make sure that all of the parts complemented the whole. Once the masterplan was in place, the different garden elements were designed and presented through perspective vignettes.