Private Townhouse Garden, 17th Street

This private townhouse garden is a lush oasis in the heart of Manhattan. The garden was developed as an extension of two combined apartments within a historic brownstone in the coveted Gramercy Park neighborhood, a designated Landmark District. The urban setting required a careful examination of light to ensure that the garden could flourish while also providing a private enclosure. With a variety of seating areas, pergola, fountains, and planters, it is designed as a setting for outdoor parties and entertaining. Built on two terraces, the gardens link the apartments to the outside and offer peaceful views from within. 

As our clients are based in London, it was important to present the design using expressive and engaging hand-drawn sketches. The watercolor painting created for this project illustrates the ways the exterior was designed to interact with the rooms of the townhouse. The terracing of the garden maximizes the light into the interior rooms of the lower level and also serves to effortlessly connect the two floors of the brownstone.