Holly Farms, Washington, Connecticut

The owner of Holly Farms required a masterplan that carefully sited the new farmhouse designed by architect Allan Greenberg on its steeply sloping hillside. In response, we developed a series of level terraces and bastions to anchor the house in its setting. Working with both the architect and our client, we sought a blending of interior rooms with the wonderful vistas of the surrounding countryside, which overlook a Class A stream, woodlands, grass fields, and vineyards. To the east of the house, there is a formal kitchen garden with a fountain in its center. To the south, two large seating terraces overlook newly made wildflower meadows. And, to the west, orchards and vineyards surround specially renovated farm structures.

In addition to collaborating with Greenberg’s office to develop the perfect masterplan, the process included working closely with the client—an avid gardener and creative force—along with her gardening team to combine the right plantings and hardscaping as a seamless extension of the natural setting. We installed vast native grass and wildflower meadows on steep slopes in order to stabilize the earth, maintain a farm aesthetic, and provide sustenance for beehives that would in turn nourish a newly established apple orchard. 


For more information on these projects, see (Allan Greenberg Classical Architecture by Rizzoli press, In New York).