Private Residence At Ravenwood, Whitehorse Pennsylvania

Collaborating with our artist-clients, as well as other design professionals, we created a series of gardens and a landscape park that realized the owner’s vision for the 125-acre property. Approaching outdoor spaces as verdant links, we connected the many disparate historic buildings, the equestrian center, and the farm operation to create an atmosphere of serene beauty perfectly suited to the client’s family lifestyle. The resulting landscape is truly an outdoor sanctum with flower gardens, a kitchen garden, a theater garden, a pool house and garden, and a sprawling landscape park. Our masterplan remains an enduring success.

Working with the Richard Cameron, the architect for the project, the process involved many historic references and schematic masterplan concepts in order to achieve the right balance of scale and proportion in relation to the transformed classical residence. Several large-scale watercolors were created along with free-hand perspective renderings to convey the garden design elements. These studies on paper now hang in the home. 

For more information on these projects, see (Architectural Digest).