Reed Creek Farm, Centreville, Maryland

Standing as a 175-acre waterfront property located on a natural peninsula in Queen Anne’s County, this working farm is accentuated by an original Georgian mansion built in 1775. When our client’s wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer, the couple decided to focus their energies on creating an ambitious landscape masterplan that included a walled garden. Together, we developed a way to honor the house’s architectural vernacular while also providing a therapy garden and refuge for our client to use for rest and convalescence. The main focus of the project centered on adding the special garden elements—a revitalized pear orchard, a spiral mount, a kitchen garden, a renovated old hunting lodge, a pool house, and a new lake. Features were also added to the historic house’s main south entrance along with a rear-seating porch. 

The personal story that drove our work at Reed Creek Farm made it one of our most challenging and rewarding projects to date. It will always remain one of our favorites.

We created numerous colorful watercolor renderings as we worked closely with the family during the process of developing the masterplan and special detailing. The largest of these, measuring 8 by 4 feet, hangs prominently in the home’s formal dining room as an eternal reminder of the time we all spent with our client’s wife in developing this unique garden. Construction has continued within the historic home, transforming the original timbered storage attics into bedroom suites with individual bathrooms for the expanding family. 

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