Proposal for the WWI Memorial, Washington D.c.

Sunny wildflower and native grass meadows nestle into the city, quietly caressing and enclosing a central monument honoring all the men, women and families who sacrificed their lives in WWI. Creating a tranquil setting for reflection within a border of native trees, lawns and shade-loving wildflowers with an interior perimeter walkway, the accessible park is made more meaningful by providing living warriors and their families with a refuge from myriad war-related disabilities through empathetically honoring the past and their own role within a greater context. 

Red poppies, lavender, and creeping rosemary literally grow out of the center focus, a native granite obelisk and plinth. Inscribed, "TO Tl IE ETER Al. GLORY OF THE DEAD;' this sculpture honors WWI's victors. Signifying the human cost, flowers '"bleed" from the base of the obelisk. The monument will be accessible to all, including visitors with disabilities,:, many of whom may be servicemen and women returning home from current conflicts. "The obelisk and surrounding raised wildflower meadows become a therapeutic refuge for meditation and healing for warriors and their families as they rebuild their lives and seek the solace in a continuum of heroes.