Muskrat Park, St. Michaels, Maryland


While the traditional role of a village green is to provide a grassy space for community celebrations and ceremonies, Muskrat Park, located in the 17th-century village of

St. Michaels on Maryland's Eastern Shore, has long subsisted as a half dilapidated blacktop and half abandoned backyard, complete with several sadly outdated benches and picnic tables. 

A well-informed economy of design strokes was crucial to

this project as there were only 1.2 acres of space in which to create. But before racing to the drawing board, our team gathered environmental and social data, which included identifying the appropriate native plants, gathering public sentiment concerning design concepts, researching the town's fascinating colonial history, and assessing the health

of the waterfront and condition of the existing mature specimen trees. The project has three goals: a historically appropriate redesign, an authentically green planning structure and a plan to support the town's economic needs.

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